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  • Advantages of Hiring a Local Dumpster Rental Company

    January 18, 2021
    Is your home, business, or construction site generating too much waste for your regular waste collection and recycling service to handle? Plenty of folks in Southern Nevada have been in the same boat before and for most of them, hiring a dumpster rental company was the most efficient solution. A dumpster rental company will deliver a dumpster of your choice to your premises when you need it and once it is filled, the company will take the trash away and dispose of it accordingly.  The question is, should you hire a national dumpster rental company or a local one? While the larger corporations have their benefits, local companies often have a personal touch that corporations lack. So just how will you benefit from hiring local?

    Most Affordable Pricing in Las Vegas

    National chains tend to be pricier as they usually charge delivery fees as well as service area charges. On the other hand, a local dumpster rental company’s pricing will be determined by your location, leading to lower delivery and overall rental charges. Some local dumpster rental companies like Lunas Las Vegas Dumpster Rental charge low, flat rates with delivery included, leading to more cost savings.  Lunas Las Vegas offers dumpsters in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from a small 6-yard dumpster which will cost you $250 to rent for seven days, and the largest 40-yard dumpster that costs $425 to rent for seven days. 

    Local Companies are More Reliable

    Large national chains often have long client lists and they usually prioritize their bigger, high paying clients. A local company has fewer clients allowing it to focus all its resources on keeping them happy. Being local, you have easy access to the company; you can visit its premises to ensure they have high-quality dumpsters and recycling equipment.  On top of that, you get plenty of support from a local company compared to a national or global firm. Any issues that arise will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently without having to deal with the bureaucracy that’s common in large corporations. You also get to interact with a representative of the business face to face, a human touch you probably won’t experience with a national firm. 

    Fast & Efficient Delivery

    The best thing about hiring a local dumpster rental company is probably the speed with which you will be served. Larger dumpster rental firms often have more clients, leading to longer wait times. If the waste is quickly piling up and hindering other operations or you are under a tight deadline, waiting for days for your dumpster to arrive is simply not an option. Local firms offer more speedy delivery in comparison. Lunas Las Vegas Dumpster Rental, for instance, offers same-day deliveries. With a smaller client base, local firms can prioritize each of their clients and being within the same area as their clients allow them to deliver dumpsters and offer support swiftly and without delays, often within a single day. 

    Rent The Right Dumpster 

    Unless your business consistently has a high trash output, you probably don’t need a permanent dumpster on your premises. But for the times you generate more waste than your waste regular collection services can handle and you are looking to hire a dumpster, look to Lunas Las Vegas Dumpster Rental in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lunas Las Vegas rents a wide selection of dumpsters with sizes ranging from 6-40 yards at a low, flare rate, delivery included. Based on their sizes, our dumpsters can be used to store waste from construction and demolition sites, building and home remodeling sites, industrial and commercial building clean-outs, and large landscaping clean-ups. Contact us today for more information.