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    Caring for the environment is a major goal for most large companies and organizations in Southern Nevada, but implementing & maintaining recycling programs on a large scale can be a difficult task.



    One major problem that facilities have with recycling is figuring out the best way to properly dispose of their universal waste. With the Lunas Recycling Program, recycling options are offered to ease the management of recycling on a smaller scale, even if the corporation is out of state. Corporate programs make it easy for each individual facility/location to start recycling their waste.

    Companies that aren”t able to measure exactly how their universal waste recycling programs are progressing face two problems: They can”t track amounts of waste recycled and they can”t easily publicize green efforts to consumers or regulatory officials. Facilities simply fill up the provided containers with waste and then Lunas Recycling picks up waste and delivers it to the recycling center.

    Any corporate program involving multiple facilities across many different locations is never easy to launch or maintain without the assistance of a Recycling Partner like Lunas. There are efficient and effective options to meet your organization”s unique needs.

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