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  • What Are Roll-Off Dumpsters? Everything You Need To Know

    June 18, 2021
    Running a construction project comes with several challenges, such as trash management. At the very least, proper disposal of construction and demolition wastes should be of concern. If you’re wondering how to go about it, that’s where roll-off dumpsters come in handy. What is a roll-off dumpster? You could be wondering. This is a specialized open-top rectangular trash container used in construction and demolition sites to properly handle refuse such as dirt, concrete, and asphalt. Managing refuse in construction sites can be a pain in the flesh. However, using a roll-off dumpster takes the frustration out of the equation. In today’s post, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Roll-off Dumpsters. So, let’s get to it!

    Unique Features of a Roll-off Dumpster

    Roll-off dumpsters can be easily mistaken for standard dumpsters. But the difference is crystal clear. Roll-off dumpsters are uniquely designed to handle the management of refuse in construction or demolition projects. Below are the unique features of a roll-off dumpster;
    • Have open tops for easy loading and offloading debris.
    • They are rectangular and come in different sizes.
    • Have wheels for easy movement.
    • They are used with special roll-off trucks.
    • They’re meant for specific types of debris—mainly construction works related.
    These are the main characteristics of a roll-off dumpster. But how do they compare with a standard dumpster?

    Roll-off Dumpsters vs. Standard Dumpsters

    While roll-off dumpsters are generally rectangular, standard dumpsters are cubic. This means roll-off dumpsters are more versatile and come in different sizes, giving you multiple options for consideration depending on your needs. Roll-off dumpsters have open tops, while the standard dumpsters have a lid. This feature makes it easy to load and offload debris into and out of the container hassle-free. On the contrary, you’d have to keep opening and closing the lid when dealing with standard dumpsters. Besides, roll-off dumpsters have wheels underneath for easy movement within the site and into and out of the roll-off truck. Sadly, the standard dumpster doesn’t have fitted wheels, meaning you’ll have to rely on a garbage truck to move it around entirely. Lastly, while you can use standard dumpsters to dispose of almost anything, this is not the case for roll-off dumpsters. According to roll-off dumpster regulations, you can only use these containers for specific wastes like construction or demolition debris.

    What is the Cost of Renting a Roll-off Dumpster in Las Vegas, NV?

    Renting a roll-off dumpster in Las Vegas for a week will cost you between $224 and $853. However, the average cost is $ 469.29, according to research findings by the Dumpsters website. Besides, the cost is influenced by different factors like; roll-off dumpster size, location of delivery, renting period, and nature of material debris (heavy or light). Roll-off dumpster size varies between 6 yards and 40 yards. So, the bigger the size, the more it’ll cost you to rent it out. Also, renting periods vary. Renting one for more than seven days will cost a little more than renting it for a few days. Lastly, the type of debris has a significant influence on the total cost. Generally, heavy materials like concrete will attract higher costs than light materials like dirt.

    Rent The Right Dumpster

    Renting a roll-off dumpster is the best way to handle wastes coming from a construction site, demolition site, or household refuse. These containers come in different sizes, meaning you can choose one that perfectly suits your needs. Besides, they’re easy to move around your site or home, thanks to the fitted wheels. There are so many places you can find roll-off dumpsters to rent. To get you started, we have a variety you can consider and settle for. Feel free to contact us or get a dumpster today from our store for your construction works and household waste management.