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  • Best Dumpster Rental in Spring Valley, NV

    March 24, 2021
    The best dumpsters in Spring Valley will help you dispose of waste or unwanted trash most productively and cost-effectively. Sometimes you may be having so much waste, and you need to use something larger than the traditional trash can. Renting a dumpster in Spring Valley that can handle any amount of waste or trash is a good idea. Some dumpsters can handle waste from small projects like cleaning your garage and landscaping work to large home renovations and large-scale construction projects. Choose the type of dumpster that will be able to handle all your waste material. Here is what you need to consider.

    Different Dumpster Sizes in Spring Valley, NV

    Dumpsters come in different sizes, and it is essential to know the sizes available in the market and choose what will work for you. It may be difficult to know the exact quantity of waste generated from a particular job, but there are different dumpster sizes in the market for different jobs. When renting a dumpster in Spring Valley, it is good to describe your project in detail and get a size that is a perfect fit for your project. Here are the different sizes of dumpsters that you can find on the market.
    • 10-yard Dumpster
    This size is usually best for smaller projects like the removal of garbage or a remodeling project. The projects can be your garage clean-outs, small-sized bathroom remodeling, up to 1500 sq. feet small size roof replacement, or kitchen remodeling. The 10-yard dumpster can hold waste material that can fill approximately 4 pick-up trucks.
    • 20-yard Dumpster
    The 20-yard dumpster can be used when working on projects like roof replacement up to 300 sq. feet, flooring, and carpet removal for large houses. This dumpster can hold waste material that will fill approximately 8 pick-up trucks.
    • 30-yard Dumpster
    This dumpster is best for large projects like home construction, home additions, and window replacement for medium or small houses. Other projects include garage and basement demolition, which can use a 30-yard dumpster. It can hold waste material that is equivalent to 12 pick-up trucks.
    • 40-yard Dumpster
    Large construction projects like extensive home renovations or construction projects can use this dumpster. Other projects are large roofing for commercial buildings. The 40-yard dumpster can hold waste materials that will fill up to 16 pick-up trucks.

    Ready to Get Started?

    The size of your project and the waste material will determine the size and type of dumpster that will work for you. Another factor to consider when renting a dumpster in Spring Valley is cost. The price range is between 185 dollars and 1000 dollars depending on various factors like the size. It is a good idea to pick a dumpster that perfectly suits your project to save on cost. Smaller dumpsters cost less than bigger ones. The more waste material it holds, the higher the price. The length of time you will use the dumpster and the type of waste you want to dispose of will also determine the price. For example, waste material such as asphalt may require a heavy-duty dumpster that can handle the load.

    Rent The Right Dumpster

    Lunas in Spring Valley provides dumpsters for rent throughout Las Vegas for construction, cleanup operations, and demolition services. Lunas has a 75% recycling rate that enables us to create new markets for recycled materials. This helps to keep Nevada clean and green and boost the economy. Get a Dumpster Today.