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  • What To Expect From A Dumpster Rental Service

    September 8, 2021

    When dealing with a heavy-duty clean up, whether at your home, business, or construction site, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and rent a dumpster. It will decrease the amount of time needed, make it an easier, more efficient process for you, and it could even be a good environmental choice, if you choose the right dumpster rental service. 

    At Lunas Dumpsters, we recycle the dumpster refuse rather than just throwing it in the landfill. Our average cost for a dumpster rental is between $300 and $400, including the convenience of promptly dropping it off and picking it up at your location and desired schedule. We pride ourselves on being green and making a positive difference in a much-needed industry. And the environmental factor and cost are just two things to possibly expect when using a dumpster rental service. We’re going to explore a few more in this article. 


    It is best to consider how close a dumpster rental service is located to your project. This will give you a better idea of how accurate the drop off and pick up times will be for your dumpster. And the farther you are, the more likely other rental services will add additional costs. 

    Lunas services the entire Las Vegas area and even has clients outside of the state. Plus, we don’t have additional costs for the distance our dumpsters will have to travel within Las Vegas. We’re proud of our successful and environmentally-conscience work and want to share with a wide range of customers without any added barriers. 

    Variety of Options

    The next thing to expect from a dumpster rental service is several dumpster options, which all depends on your project’s needs. There are different sizes and different types (dumpsters for heavy material and dumpsters for light material). 

    Lunas offers 6 different sizes of dumpsters, spanning from 6 yard (6 ft. long x f ft. wide x 6 ft. tall) to 40 yard (22 ft. long x 8 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. tall). If you’re curious to learn more, browse our dumpster rentals on our website. 

    Rental Period 

    Hopefully you won’t need to have a dumpster for your project for an extended period of time (but if that is the case, we do offer longer rental periods). After all, you won’t like a dumpster sitting in your driveway or parking lot for longer than you anticipated. So, it’s good to be sure how long your dumpster rental period is. 

    The standard time for rental is between 7 or 9 days. At Lunas, we offer a 7-day rental period, with additional costs for longer days. $50 for an additional 7 days, $100 for an additional 14 days, and $200 for an additional 30 days. No matter how long a dumpster is required for your heavy-duty clean up, we’ve got you covered. 


    Many people don’t realize that very little of what is actually thrown away needs to be put in a landfill. It can be recycled for several iterations of conservation. That means it is important for your dumpster rental service to be environmentally-friendly by recycling most of the material that you throw in your dumpster throughout the project. And unfortunately, most of the other rental services don’t go out of their way to recycle; they require additional fees or different services. 

    If you’re curious to learn more about our recycling process, you can read about our materials recovery facilities (MRFs). 


    Of course, you also want to be mindful of cost when deciding between a dumpster rental service. The average cost for a dumpster rental in the Las Vegas area varies between $350 to $500, and other companies may have fees for distance, extended schedule, etc. Lunas works diligently to save your bottom dollar for your projects, all while providing quality service and recycling of refuse. 

    Why Lunas?

    Lunas, the family-operated company, was founded on the vision to make a difference. We are here with you from the beginning to answer any questions or concerns, ensure you rent the right dumpster, and take the stress away from your residential or commercial project. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our mission, services, and customer success.