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  • Construction Projects: Renting The Correct Dumpster Size

    July 12, 2021

    Construction projects are always a difficult and nerve-wracking endeavor. But one of the most important aspects to consider before you even get started is what size dumpster you need for all of your debris. There are many different sizes available, but choosing the right size could mean the difference between finishing your project on time or having to call in another dumpster and pay extra rental fees. This blog post will discuss how to rent the correct sized dumpster for any construction project!

    Common Uses for Dumpsters

    When taking on a construction project, there will inevitably be some level of debris. Below are common dumpster uses:
    • They provide temporary storage for construction material and debris, such as roofing shingles.
    • Dumpsters provide a convenient way to remove hazardous waste products like old paint from your home or business.
    • They are the perfect size container to get rid of any bulky excess items after decluttering.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dumpster

    Choosing a dumpster for your construction needs can be a daunting task. To help you choose the right size, consider the following:

    Type of Debris

    Construction projects generate a wide variety of debris. While it may seem like you could use any dumpster size to handle the project, there are specific guidelines for which sizes work best with certain types of debris. Ensure you pick the right size for each type of debris.

    Total Volume

    What amount of waste are you trying to keep contained? The larger the project, the larger you should rent your dumpster. If it seems like there is waste spilling over or if too much space has been taken up by debris, then choose a bigger size than what was initially chosen.

    Delivery Location

    How much available space do you have at your preferred delivery location? For projects located in tight spaces, such as a driveway or small parking lot, it is best to rent the smallest dumpster size available.

    Renting the Correct Dumpster Size

    When you rent a container for your construction projects, choosing the right size is essential because they come in various dimensions. To help you make a rough idea about the size, think of how many pickups would be enough to carry all the waste. Dumpsters are categorized into how many yards they can carry:

    10 Yard Dumpster

    Being the smallest dumpster, it is suitable for small projects or short-term use. It is best to rent this size if your project fits in a narrow space and does not require much debris removals, such as rental cleanups or small household jobs like DIY room renovations.

    20 Yard Dumpster

    This dumpster size can hold six pickup truck loads of waste, making it great for larger projects that are expected to generate lots of trash over time. This has enough capacity to handle all types of debris, including building waste removal, furniture removal, and moderate excavation.

    30 Yard Dumpster

    This dumpster size is useful when completing a large project like new home construction or demolition project. The capacity of this size allows for nine pickup truck loads of waste, which is typically the amount needed to complete a job such as a new home construction or demolition.

    40 Yard Dumpster

    This dumpster can handle all types of debris and is great for large-scale renovations, building demolitions, and yard cleanups that need lots of space to store bulky items like appliances or furniture. This size also works well with commercial projects where you expect heavy amounts of trash over an extended period.

    Rent The Right Dumpster

    The solution to a successful construction project is planning. One of the most important aspects of that plan should be determining what size dumpster you need for your job site. The total volume of waste generated by construction projects can vary depending on what type of project you’re working on and how long they last, so make sure you pick out the correct size dumpster before getting started! Our experts at Lunas Construction will guide you in renting the right dumpster size. Get a dumpster today for your Las Vegas construction project.