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  • 20 Yard

    $410.00 7 Day Rental

    This container can accommodate virtually any small residential or commercial project.

    • Small to mid-size commercial projects
    • Small residential projects/remodels
    • Tree trimming
    • Light demolition

    IMPORTANT: No Heavy Material, NO dirt, rock, concrete, brick, asphalt, or sod trash materials. Rental includes a maximum of 6 tons (12,000 pounds) of debris and waste. All overages will be charged an additional $50/ton.

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    • 22 ft. long X 7.5 ft. wide X 4 ft tall* • HEAVY material acceptable • Weight limit of 6 tons Why Rent from Lunas? + Locally & Family Owned + More Weight Allowed + Serving Las Vegas since 1988 + 6 to 40 Yard Dumpster Selection

    Additional Info

    How Does This Work? Within minutes you’ll be able to rent your next dumpster directly on this web site. Your dumpster will arrive by truck and placed at your desired location. Once the dumpster is delivered you can begin loading your materials. Be aware of your weight limit as you load your dumpster. The dumpster(s) will be picked up at the end of the rent cycle or can be called in for a sooner pick up. What Can I Place In The Dumpster? Mixed Waste: Mixed waste (also known as Municipal Solid Waste) dumpsters have the widest range of uses, especially for residential debris. Our mixed waste dumpster can generally accept household junk, cardboard, clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics and home debris. Yard Waste: Yard waste dumpsters accept debris from landscaping, gardening, lawn care and other outdoor projects for both homeowners and professionals. Yard debris includes grass clippings, weeds, sticks, branches, plants, bushes and leaves. Heavy Debris (12, 16 & 20 yard only **limited only): Heavy debris dumpsters are often used for construction jobs, demolition and larger home improvement projects. Heavy debris includes concrete, asphalt, brick, block and rocks.
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